Work and projects of NEED immersive reality

We present a selection of projects that NEED immersive reality has realized in recent years.

Planetarium XR | Trautenfels

Joanneum Universal Museum

Experience the effects of light pollution in Vienna, Graz and Trautenfels up close. Our virtual reality presentation offers this experience exclusively in the current exhibition at Trautenfels Castle. It sheds light on the visual and ecological consequences of urban lighting.


360° exhibition archive | Summiting

Joanneum Universal Museum

The "Gipfelstürmen" exhibition takes its visitors on a breathtaking journey through the mountaineering history of Styria, now enhanced by an innovative 360° tour that blurs the boundaries between past and present, between digital and real experience. This virtual tour offers ...

360° | Web

Spirit animals VR

Binder GmbH & Co KG

To mark its 100th anniversary, Binder GmbH & Co KG has launched an extraordinary project that not only highlights the company's future-oriented approach, but also underlines its extensive expertise in the field of metal processing. Developed by Jitka Derler under the ...


3D configurator | Interior doors

neubauerTÜREN GmbH

Our 3D configurators revolutionize product customization and offer unique benefits to both customers and companies. Using advanced Three.js technology, a leading WebGL library, we bring products to life in stunning 3D quality. This technology enables your customers to customize products according to their individual wishes and ...


MY HABITAT | web platform

ARI GRIFFNER homes & habitats

With the "my Habitat" web app, residents of the Mitterdorf model habitat can conveniently book all communal facilities online - from the workshop to the common room or the wellness area. But my Habitat goes far beyond this: thanks to the integration of a sophisticated hardware chip system, not only ...


WIND TURBINE simulator


Our innovative app brings the characteristic sound of a wind turbine directly to you - and relates it to other everyday noises. By combining different sound sources with the typical operating noise of a wind turbine, the app offers a unique listening experience. The ...


Styria VR | Infrastructure in virtual reality

Province of Styria

Mapping large territories in VR with a high level of detail is still considered the supreme discipline in the world of virtual reality. Although Google Earth data can be processed relatively quickly, and there are also other approaches, this data is proving ...

Experimental | XR

MY HABITAT | pastel renderings

ARI GRIFFNER homes & habitats

Discover our world of pastel, abstract renderings inspired by minimalist aesthetics that skillfully blend photorealism with abstraction. Our images feature carefully balanced color harmonies and thoughtful visual compositions that invite you to walk through a community in which ...

3D Modeling & Visualization

3D city model | GRAZ

As passionate producers of digital, immersive content, we are convinced that the city in which we live and work must be digitally recreated at least once. Following this credo, we have dedicated ourselves to an ambitious project: the 3D modeling of a central ...

3D Modeling & Visualization | Experimental

ELEKTRA virtual museum

Elektra Montréal

Discover the Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) - a unique 3D immersive experience that goes far beyond the virtual tours already offered by ELEKTRA. Developed under the artistic direction of Studio Baillat in Montreal, this project by NEED immersive reality ...


BoneMan NFT collection

Discover the exclusive BoneMan collection, a fascinating series of 55 NFTs presented on the Polygon blockchain and available on In a time characterized by tensions between East and West, BoneMan is symbolic of the strength and ...

Experimental | Web

Palm House Vienna

Welcome to a world where the boundaries between past and future are blurred. Inspired by the neoclassically designed "Palmenhaus" in Vienna, we present a scene that has been brought to life using the Unreal Engine. The centerpiece of this virtual creation is undoubtedly the ...

3D Modeling & Visualization

Forest simulation in 3D

Welcome to a digital creation that captures the essence of a real forest with astounding accuracy. Our goal was to digitally represent the many aspects of a forest in three-dimensional space. From the study of soil composition and vegetation patterns to the ...

3D Modeling & Visualization | Experimental

Warehouse | concept renderings

Raiffeisen-Lagerhaus GmbH

In the world of design and architecture, concept renderings have taken a revolutionary turn thanks to the introduction of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and the integration of real-world Google Earth data. This combination allows designers to create extremely realistic and dynamic ...

3D Modeling & Visualization

3D liver cell

BTU Cottbus

The modeling of a 3D liver cell marks a significant advance in biomedical research and teaching. The three-dimensional representation makes the complex structure and function of the liver cell accessible in a way that is not possible in two-dimensional images. This innovative ...


Maria Trost VR Study

Granite construction company

We conducted a feasibility study in virtual reality that was developed entirely in-house, from 3D modeling to the implementation of the virtual reality app. With the help of contour maps, we precisely recreated the model of the surroundings, recreated the buildings and linked them to 360° images.


spotsize | app explainer

spotsize GmbH

Creating a virtual app explorer with Unreal Engine 5 offers a wealth of benefits that outshine traditional production methods. One of the most outstanding advantages is the flexibility to make changes. Subsequent adjustments, be it swapping out features, updating ...

3D Modeling & Visualization

spotsize | 3D animation

spotsize GmbH

The creation of a 3D image film requires extensive research work, especially when it comes to the challenging task of visualizing artificial intelligence in combination with LIDAR 3D scanning. The challenges posed by these technological issues emphasize the importance of a thorough concept phase ...

3D Modeling & Visualization

Synthesa VR | audio simulation


For Synthesa Austria, the market leader in paints, varnishes and plasters, we have designed a groundbreaking virtual reality audio simulator. This innovative tool makes it possible to not only see a room both with and without Synthesa's acoustic panels, but also to ...


Holc pool AR

Holc Laßnig GmbH

We are pleased to introduce our advanced AR sales tool that revolutionizes the customer experience when choosing Holc natural pools. This tool makes it possible to visualize all pool sizes directly in your own backyard using augmented reality. Users can view 3D models of the pools in real time and ...

Android | XR

Corona Samurai VR

Introducing "Corona Samurai", our fast-paced and exciting virtual reality demo that was created as a creative side project during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this experimental game, you unleash your inner samurai to skillfully slash corona viruses with katanas and collect points. "Corona ...


Everest VR

Joanneum Universal Museum

We designed a virtual reality expedition to the highest point in the world for the exhibition "Gipfelstürmen" at Schloss Trautenfels - Universalmuseum Joanneum in Austria. The collaboration with Robert Schauer, the curator and first Austrian to reach the summit of Mount Everest in ...

360° | XR

Show house 360°

ARI GRIFFNER homes & habitats

High-end 360° images are transforming the presentation of show homes by providing potential buyers with an immersive experience that allows them to experience real estate in a way never seen before. These technologically advanced visualizations provide a comprehensive view of the interior and exterior of ...

360° | Web


Sterling Ltd.

High-end 360° photo presentations of production facilities offer an outstanding opportunity to create transparency and trust in the customer relationship. By digitally showing where and how their furniture is produced, companies open a door to the world behind the scenes that often remains hidden. ...

360° | Web

NEED showreel 2018

The importance of a show reel cannot be overstated, especially for a start-up like NEED Immersive Reality that wants to position itself in the fast-growing market of immersive technologies. A well-curated show reel serves as a visual calling card, ...


Lamberg Castle VR

Austrian Federal Forests

Our most recent project was dedicated to the challenge of transforming 360° photographs of Lamberg Castle into an immersive virtual tour for the Oculus Go. It was a real pleasure to combine the diverse media in this virtual tour and to create an immersive experience for our client ...

360° | XR