Your all-in-one partner for holistic XR and software development.

From virtual reality and augmented reality to 3D modeling, configurators and individual software development - NEED Immersive Reality presents a holistic development offering that covers all facets of modern XR technologies. With the advantage that we offer all services in-house, we guarantee seamless integration and high-quality implementation of your projects. Our comprehensive development concept ensures that we deliver customized solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and those of your target group. Rely on NEED Immersive Reality to create innovative and immersive experiences that inspire and connect.

Virtual Reality (VR)+
NEED immersive reality now also integrates specialized VR solutions for engineering processes, in addition to simulations, training and end customer communication. These expanded services enable engineering teams to optimize design and development processes through immersive visualizations. By using VR in product development, complex technical concepts can be understood intuitively, design errors can be identified at an early stage and collaboration can be improved in real time. NEED therefore helps companies to shorten product development cycles, reduce costs and increase the quality of their products. This holistic approach to engineering processes underlines NEED's role as an innovation leader in the field of immersive technologies.
Augmented Reality (AR)+
NEED immersive reality is expanding its portfolio to include augmented reality (AR) solutions that are specifically tailored to engineering processes, simulations, training and end customer communication. These AR services enable companies to overlay real environments with digital information, which improves the comprehensibility of complex processes and speeds up decision-making. By using AR in product development and design, engineering teams can visualize designs in their real-world context, increasing precision and promoting iterative development. AR training applications offer interactive learning experiences that improve employee skills and increase safety in the workplace. In end-customer communication, NEED creates immersive, information-rich experiences that connect customers more deeply with products and strengthen brand loyalty. These comprehensive AR applications underscore NEED's commitment to pushing the boundaries of reality and helping companies revolutionize their operational efficiency and customer experience.
3D modeling and optimization +
NEED immersive reality provides world-class 3D modeling and optimization services for real-time XR applications, including 3D configurators and visualizations, with a special focus on the powerful Unreal Engine and Unity platforms. Our team of experts uses the most advanced techniques in 3D modelling to create detailed and highly accurate models that are specifically optimized for seamless integration into XR environments (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality). We understand the importance of performance in real-time applications and ensure that our models are not only visually stunning, but also efficient and responsive in the interactive environments of Unreal Engine and Unity.

At NEED immersive reality, we focus on pushing the boundaries of what is possible by providing innovative 3D configurator solutions that allow end users to customize and visualize products in real-time. These configurators are ideal for industries such as automotive, retail and furniture, where customization and detailed visualization are critical. In addition, our bespoke visualization solutions enhance the understanding of complex products or processes by creating immersive, interactive experiences that go beyond traditional presentation methods.

By combining technical expertise in Unreal Engine and Unity with a deep understanding of the requirements of real-time XR applications, NEED immersive reality sets new standards in 3D modeling and optimization. We strive to empower our clients through innovative, customized solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations and add real value to their business.
3D online configurators +
At NEED immersive reality, we understand that a customized 3D configurator can be a powerful tool for your business to achieve product differentiation and increase customer loyalty. Here are the key points for clients looking to develop a 3D configurator with us:

Customization: we develop 3D configurators that are fully tailored to your specific product lines, design preferences and business goals. Whether for automotive, furniture or fashion, we deliver a solution that presents your products in an interactive and visually appealing way.

Real-time visualization: Our configurators provide real-time visualizations that allow end users to see changes immediately. This increases confidence in the buying process and promotes a positive customer experience.

Cross-platform compatibility: We ensure that your 3D configurator works smoothly on different devices and platforms, from desktops to tablets and smartphones, to reach a broad user base.

Ease of use: The user interface is designed intuitively to ensure that customers can easily configure their desired products without prior knowledge.

Scalability: Our solutions are designed to grow with your business. We offer scalable configurator models that can easily accommodate new products, categories and features.

Support and maintenance: NEED immersive reality offers comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and up-to-dateness of your 3D configurator.

Our goal at NEED immersive reality is not just to develop a 3D configurator, but to provide a comprehensive solution that transforms your business and gives you a competitive edge in your market. With our team of experts and the use of the latest technologies, we are your ideal partner for the development of innovative and effective 3D configurators.
Software development and programming of custom solutions +
At NEED immersive reality, we specialize in the development of tailor-made software solutions for individual use cases, with a strong focus on platform development. Our offering is aimed at companies looking for unique, innovative applications that are tailored to their specific needs and challenges. Here are the key points of our service offering:

Needs analysis and consulting: at the start of each project, we conduct a thorough analysis of your business goals and requirements. This enables us to design customized solutions that are not only technically feasible, but also strategically aligned to your success.

Custom software development: Our team of experienced developers and designers use state-of-the-art technologies and platforms to create user-centered, efficient and scalable applications. From complex data management systems and interactive customer portals to innovative AR and VR experiences, we have the expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Platform development: We develop robust, flexible platforms that integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures while providing room for future growth. Our platform solutions are designed to optimize processes, improve the user experience and open up new business opportunities.

Agile development methodology: NEED immersive reality applies agile development methods to ensure flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to change. This approach encourages close collaboration with our clients and enables us to deliver projects efficiently and within the agreed timeframe.

Quality assurance and testing: To ensure the highest standards of performance, security and usability, we subject all software to a rigorous testing process. This includes automated and manual testing to ensure that your application is error-free and ready for use.

Maintenance and support: After implementation, we provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the optimal performance of your software and adapt it to the changing needs of your business.

Training and onboarding: We ensure that your teams are fully equipped to use the new software effectively by providing comprehensive training and documentation.

At NEED immersive reality, we understand that every business challenge is unique. That's why we strive to develop solutions that are not only technologically advanced, but also perfectly tailored to our clients' individual needs and goals. With our expertise in software development and platform development, we are ideally positioned to support your business on the path to digital transformation.
360° photography and virtual tours +
At NEED immersive reality, we take the art of 360° photography to a new level by creating customized virtual tours that not only depict spaces, but capture the essence of an exhibition or specific client requirements. Our goal is to create immersive experiences that not only impress the viewer visually, but also touch them emotionally and convey a deep understanding of the content presented.

High-end 360° photography: Our team of experienced photographers uses state-of-the-art technology to capture high-resolution 360° images. These images are the cornerstone for creating virtual realities that transport the user into another world.

Customized Virtual Tours: Each tour is individually designed according to the wishes of our clients. We understand that every exhibition and project is unique and work closely with you to develop a tour that reflects your vision and the soul of your project. Whether for museums, real estate, educational institutions or retail, we create a customized solution that engages and captivates your target audience.

Interactivity and engagement: By integrating interactive elements such as information points, audio guides and video clips, each tour becomes an interactive experience that actively engages the user and allows them to interact with the content on a deeper level.

Customization to customer requirements: We understand the importance of our clients' brand identity and specific messaging. Our tours are designed to reinforce your brand and communicate your message effectively, using bespoke designs and customized content tailored to your exact needs.

Accessibility and compatibility: Our virtual tours are easily accessible and compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, ensuring that your target audience can enjoy the experience regardless of their location or device.

Long-term value: A virtual tour from NEED immersive reality is an investment that goes far beyond a one-off event. It provides an enduring resource that you can use for marketing, education and engagement long after the physical exhibition has closed.

NEED immersive reality strives to push the boundaries of digital representation with every project. Our customized 360° photography and tour solutions offer an unparalleled opportunity to capture the essence of your project and create a lasting connection with your audience. Together, let's create a world that brings your vision to life.
Hardware & software consulting services +
NEED immersive reality offers specialized consulting services in the areas of 3D, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D configurators, software development and hardware deployment. With a deep understanding of immersive technologies, NEED helps companies revolutionize their brand presence, create interactive and immersive customer experiences and optimize internal processes. Through customized solutions, NEED helps design and implement innovative applications that increase customer engagement, improve product visualization and ultimately contribute to business success. Their approach is based on close collaboration with clients to understand individual needs and develop future-proof strategies that overcome both technological and market-specific challenges.
Instant VR VIEWER | meshloader XR +
The VR Instant Viewer Meshloader from NEED immersive reality is a specially developed software solution that makes it possible to efficiently optimize and integrate complex 3D models for virtual reality (VR) applications. This advanced platform revolutionizes the workflow of VR developers, designers and content creators by providing a fast, seamless transition from detailed models to immersive VR experiences.

Core features and benefits of the VR Instant Viewer Meshloader:

Fast model integration: the VR Instant Viewer Meshloader is designed to minimize turnaround time by quickly processing complex 3D models and optimizing them for use in VR environments. This allows developers and designers to spend more time refining their VR experiences.

High-level optimization: By applying advanced algorithms, the software effectively reduces the polygon count of 3D models without compromising visual quality. This ensures that VR applications run smoothly even on less powerful systems, increasing accessibility and usability.

Perfect compatibility with VR platforms: The Meshloader is fully compatible with leading VR development environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine. This compatibility enables smooth integration of models into VR projects and speeds up the development process.

User-centric operation: With its user-friendly interface, the VR Instant Viewer Meshloader enables users without in-depth technical knowledge to effectively adapt and optimize 3D models for VR applications. Intuitive control elements and a clear design facilitate the handling of complex optimization tasks.

Quality assurance tools: The software offers advanced functions for checking and ensuring model quality before export. Users can identify and correct problems such as unnecessary polygons or texture errors to ensure the best possible display quality in VR.

Comprehensive support and an active community: NEED immersive reality not only provides a powerful software solution, but also supports users with comprehensive customer service and offers access to a community of like-minded people who share knowledge and solutions.

NEED immersive reality's VR Instant Viewer Meshloader is changing the way 3D models are prepared and used for virtual reality. By simplifying and accelerating the process of model optimization, it opens up new possibilities for creating impressive, immersive VR experiences. With this tool, VR developers and designers are setting new standards in the quality and performance of virtual reality content.