meshloader XR | From 3D to VR in seconds.

The software solution, meshloader XR enables instant experience of 3D models from CAD software in VR, revolutionizing engineering, marketing and design reviews through ease of use and visual quality. Easy import and intuitive operation provide an immersive experience, improve understanding and strengthen customer relationships. Instant VR enhances presentation, highlights companies and creates interactive, engaging experiences.

from 3D to VR

Instant Virtual Reality

Instant Virtual Reality from NEED immersive reality offers a one-click solution to instantly immerse yourself in fascinating virtual worlds. With just one click, users transform 3D models into immersive VR experiences, ideal for presentations, education and design reviews. This technology simplifies complex processes, improves understanding and encourages interaction by providing users with immediate, immersive VR access.

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CAD software independent

Meshloader XR supports the import of 3D models from all common CAD export formats such as 3ds, dae, fbx, obj, gltf and ifc, making it the ideal tool for a wide range of industries. With this capability, Meshloader XR enables seamless integrations and provides an efficient platform for creating immersive VR experiences. It significantly simplifies the workflow and opens up new possibilities for design, presentation and review processes.

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VR presentations

Meshloader XR from NEED Immersive Reality enables the simple transfer of 3D models into virtual reality for EUR 79 per month. Compatible with all common CAD formats such as 3ds, dae, fbx, obj, gltf, and ifc, it is ideal for engineering, design and marketing professionals. It offers intuitive presentation options, increases productivity and significantly improves presentation quality.

Instant virtual reality

The "meshloader XR" software solution has been developed over the last three years in close cooperation with various design and engineering firms. It revolutionizes the handling of 3D models by enabling simple, intuitive use: models can be displayed and experienced directly in virtual reality at the touch of a button, which significantly optimizes the workflow and expands the presentation options.

Countless media contents and functions can be created.

Meshloader XR revolutionizes the way projects are visualized and reviewed. It enables the creation of fast renderings and 360° images in seconds, offers tools for measuring distances, depths and passages in real time with customers, and thus guarantees absolute planning reliability. Versatile in engineering, marketing and design reviews, it is easy to use, fast and efficient.