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NEED immersive reality is revolutionizing the way we learn, work and communicate with innovative VR, AR and MR solutions. Our dedicated team of experts develops customized immersive solutions that combine reality and imagination and new ways of working. With a strong focus on diverse industries, education, entertainment and healthcare, we aim to create immersive and memorable experiences and new ways of working through cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to push the boundaries of the digital world and provide our customers with innovative products that increase engagement and interactivity. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the future with "NEED Immersive Reality".

Head of XR Products, Co-Founder

Thomas Mayer, B.Sc.

Thomas Mayer, computer scientist, 3D specialist - studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology. His expertise includes programming, advanced real-time 3D technologies, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Thomas Mayer uses his extensive knowledge to develop innovative solutions in the technology industry. Under his leadership, innovative solutions for companies and problem solving are implemented.

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Rainer Edler

Rainer Edler, Managing Director of NEED immersive reality, combines technical expertise with a degree in media and communication sciences. As an expert in project implementation and the introduction of new media and technologies, he drives innovation both internally and externally to lead companies into the future of immersion. His vision and leadership skills are key to the success of NEED Immersive Reality.

Head of 3D Configurators, Co-Founder

Christian Stahl, B.Sc.

Christian Stahl, a key member of NEED immersive reality, brings his extensive expertise in programming, platform development, 3D configurators and database management. His skills are crucial for the development of innovative solutions that push the boundaries of the digital world. Christian Stahl's work enables the creation of customized immersive experiences based on user needs.

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A free initial consultation with NEED immersive reality offers many advantages. It enables a personal consultation to understand individual needs and goals. Customers can test NEED's innovative technologies to identify the potential for their project. This first step provides a risk-free opportunity to ask questions and clarify uncertainties before making any financial commitments. NEED immersive reality experts can identify customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the client's requirements.