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NEED immersive reality expands reality with immersive experiences. We are your ticket to customized worlds that go beyond the limits of imagination. We offer premium software development and consulting services at the highest level.

design review


The use of VR and 3D technologies enables engineers and designers to create, modify and test vehicle models, processes, workflows and design reviews in an immersive environment in real time. This saves time and costs as no physical prototypes are required. In addition, realistic simulations allow driving behavior and safety systems to be tested under different conditions without endangering real vehicles.

create your experience


Virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies are revolutionizing interior design by enabling impressive, realistic visualizations of rooms. Customers can experience their future interiors in advance, make changes in real time and try out materials and furniture virtually. These tools improve decision-making, save time and costs and increase customer satisfaction through an immersive planning experience.

immersive entertainment


3D and VR in the entertainment industry offer an immersive experience that transports viewers into fascinating worlds. They enable interactive experiences that blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. By using VR and 3D technologies, users can immerse themselves in stories, leading to more intense emotional reactions and unforgettable entertainment. These techniques open up new creative possibilities for storytelling and game design.

make your ideas visible


The use of VR and 3D in the construction industry enables precise visualizations of construction projects before the actual start of construction. These technologies improve planning reliability, as changes can be tested and optimized virtually. They promote collaboration between project participants through joint virtual inspections, thus reducing misunderstandings and errors. This leads to more efficient construction processes and cost savings.

simulations & trainings


VR and 3D technologies are revolutionizing production line training and simulation by providing realistic, risk-free environments for employee training. They enable the visualization of complex production processes and machine operations, improving employee understanding and skills without interrupting production. Efficiency and safety in the workplace increase, while downtime and costs for physical prototypes are reduced.

design immersive structures


Large-scale urban planning benefits enormously from 3D and VR technologies. They enable a detailed visualization of future urban developments and promote a deep understanding of the spatial relationships and effects of planned projects. Immersive experiences allow planners and citizens to experience the planned changes in advance, which improves communication and citizen participation. Efficiency in planning increases, wrong decisions are minimized and sustainable, user-oriented cities can be realized.

We develop immersive products.

XR for Business | virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality

XR for Business uses virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality to revolutionize the way companies train, present and interact by creating immersive experiences that drive engagement and innovation.

Consulting services for companies

NEED immersive reality specializes in XR consulting services and develops custom software and advanced configurators that help companies take full advantage of extended reality for improved customer interactions and personalized product experiences.

3D configurators for online product presentation

NEED immersive reality implements 3D configurators for companies as online product presentations that create unique, interactive customer experiences through individual adjustments in real time and fully exploit the advantages of extended reality.

High-end 360° technologies

NEED immersive reality integrates high-end 360° technologies to create immersive environments for companies that revolutionize customer experiences, increase engagement and open up a new dimension of interaction through virtual tours.

XR for Business since 2016

Our company, which specializes in VR, AR, XR, 3D configurators and 360° technologies, offers comprehensive solutions ranging from consulting to the integration of new technologies in companies. Active since 2016, we support digitization and promote innovation through tailor-made developments that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers, with locations in Graz and Vienna.

In the picture you can see an old computer from the late 90s between various utensils from the field of software development.

We love simulations and virtual trainings.

Discover the future of training and simulation with virtual reality and new media. Our technology offers realistic 3D model, process and workflow simulations that surpass conventional visualizations. Inspire your customers with captivating experiences and present your products in a unique way with innovative XR developments.

Digitize your product of the future.

Immerse customers in interactive, immersive worlds where they can experience and customize products with our virtual reality solutions. Our 3D configurators allow real-time personalization, enhance the customer experience and are suitable for employee training to product presentations. Discover how NEED immersive reality pushes the boundaries of traditional methods and makes your company fit for the future.

The image shows a 3D model of an engine in various levels of abstraction based on a digital twin.

virtual museum

ELEKTRA montreal

Here, architecture is free from the constraints of the real world, from the calculation of forces, from the scarcity of materials. The absence of technical and physical constraints allowed us to concentrate on aesthetic and purely formal investigations and to constantly reinvent ourselves.

mount everest

Storming the summit

The highest quality standards for 360° photography are of course also reflected in the programming and content preparation of the tour or digital archive in our work. From our point of view, a 360° tour must be provided with content, videos, images and the resulting stories.

styria virtual reality


Mapping large areas in VR and achieving a high level of detail is still the supreme discipline in VR. Google Earth data can be processed relatively quickly and there are also some other approaches, but the data is often unusable for VR because the level of detail is not sufficient for design checks and additional modeling.

As a full immersive agency, we don't just create products and services - we design experiences. From the initial consultation to individual production, we use immersive technologies to bring your visions to life. Discover a new dimension of interaction and inspire your target group with unique and unforgettable moments. With NEED immersive reality, you go far beyond the ordinary - experience the power of immersion to transform your brand into a captivating journey!

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We are specialized in developing XR solutions for a diverse range of industries